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Parent Volunteer Guidelines

·     Rain Days:  Only adult volunteers will assist drop-off / pick-up at the upper parking lot.  The janitor will cone off the parking spaces next to the MUR for drivers.  Make sure the Right Turn Only exit gate is closed to prevent people from turning left. No Student Volunteers will be available to help.

·     Report for Morning Safety Patrol by 8:10 AM.

·     Report for Afternoon Safety Patrol by 2:35 PM.

·     Automatic Reminder emails will be sent before your duty week.  Email the Weibel Safety mail group to arrange a substitute if you cannot make your scheduled duty time. 

·      Go to the front office to retrieve the Safety Vest, cones, Yield / Stop signs, ... in the nurses room.

·     Orange Safety cones should be placed along the drop-off zone to prevent drivers from merging out and passing stopped cars.  Yield signs should be placed in street at exit to help control cross traffic.

·     Identify your Student Volunteers and pass out the Safety Vests.

·     Space out your Volunteers about every 2 car lengths apart, so that each student can help 2 cars.  Keep them away from the curb when waiting for cars.

·     Adults should try to stay at the front and end of the drop off zone (or your volunteers), but that is your choice.

·     IMPORTANT: Posting an adult at the exit to direct traffic has helped greatly in limiting congestion.  First priority is to get the cars OUT of the parking lot. Use the STOP sign and a whistle (ask Dora for your own whistle).  When cars are backing up on the downhill lane, motion exiting cars to only turn right on exit (uphill) to clear traffic jam.

·     Be animated and motion drivers to move forward up to blue handicap zone.

·     Open the doors for the students. Some vans have automatic doors, do not fight/help those doors.

·     Be careful with helping lifting students' backpacks.  Some can be very heavy.  The school has no insurance if you are injured.

·     Close the doors when the student has moved away from the car.

·     Step back and see if there are other cars needing help.

·     Motion cars to move forward when it is safe and there are gaps.

·     Remind students to WALK to the playground.  NO Running.

·     If a student arrives after the classes have left the playground,remind them to go to the front office to get a pass.

·     When there are very few cars needing help, collect the Safety Vests and return them to the front office. Morning patrol may leave cones out for afternoon patrol.  Afternoon patrol must collect and return the orange cones if they are placed in lot.